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BIT QUAKE is a fast paced platformer with roguelite elements and an interactive soundtrack!

This game is originally developed for iOS platform but I wanted to put DESKTOP BUILDS here to hopefully generate some income that will function as development budget for a fully-fledged "horizontal" (16:9) desktop version featuring local coop, wider levels and maybe even PvP! (Roadmap below!)

Check out the free DEMO! You can only unlock first 5 weapons and a couple of new color palettes in the demo version but everything else is there including the insanely addictive SURVIVAL mode (unlocks after you unlock the grenade launcher).


Horizontal movement: Left/Right Arrow
Jump: Z
Shoot: X

Horizontal movement: Left Stick
Jump: A/Y
Shoot: X/B

The game launches at your native desktop resolution but if you somehow want to change your resolution, hold ALT while double clicking the game executable. This will bring up the Resolution Dialog.

2.11(13): Adds ~EXPERIMENTAL~ 2 player coop Survival. It's unlocked ONLY if you connect 2 controllers. Beware! It's super untested, therefore may not be balanced at all!)

- Leaderboards
- Changes/Reworks:
     + Adapting the UI to 16:9 aspect ratio
- New Content:
     + Implementing a PvP mode
     + Wider levels for multiplayer modes
     + Implementing Character Classes

Amazing! That would mean a lot!

Note to streamers using OBS on macOS:  If you can't capture the game, please try the  "BIT QUAKE macOS OpenGL" build.

If you turn off the music on Options, a new button called BIT QUAKE PLAYLIST will appear on the main menu. Clicking it will launch a Spotify Playlist curated by me. The playlist is not genre-bound and changes its mood bi-daily. It's simply a collection of songs that I listen to while playing BIT QUAKE myself.


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

BIT QUAKE 2.11(13) Windows.zip 36 MB
BIT QUAKE v2.1(13) macOS.zip 41 MB
BIT QUAKE v2.1(13) macOS OpenGL.zip 41 MB

Also available on

Download demo

BIT QUAKE 2.11(13) DEMO Windows.zip 36 MB
BIT QUAKE v2.1(13) DEMO macOS.zip 41 MB

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There seem to be issues with the resolution and camera work, begins normaly but then lowers down to a way that i can't see all the enemies, hell i can't even see the main arena.

Also the lack of an option for resolutions is also sort of a bummer as i cannot see everything and the option menu is in a way that i cannot reach it

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Hey there! I've just uploaded the v2.1(7) build that adresses some issues (one being the resolution and camera follow you mentioned above). Resolution and camera problems should be (hopefully) fixed right now. Let me know if anything's broken.

If you hold "alt" key when doubleclicking the executable to launch the game, the native resolution dialog will appear. You can choose any resolution your monitor supports.

Options menu is only usable with mouse at the moment since the game has only partial gamepad support.